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We are seeking for an assortment of submissions, and the more the better.  We are hoping to produce an assortment of books with your submissions of stories, letters, poetry, and art in order to raise awareness and funds for various human rights issues.  We will depend on the writers to help us make this happen, so it all depends on if you wish to donate your work to the cause.  Keep in mind that we do not demand exclusivity, there are no charges on submitted work, and all of the work is published for a good cause.

If you are a writer, please check out our submissions page. We are looking forward to seeing what is coming from all of you!


If you are a non-profit or charity, we are open to partnerships in order to establish a book alongside of you.  If interested, you can contact us through our contact page for more details.

With all of your help, we hope to publish many more books in order to help in our goals of raising awareness while raising money to help with many very, very important issues whether it is women’s equality, LGBT issues, racial equality, domestic violence, human trafficking, or many more very serious problems throughout the world.


Brunei Implements Sharia Law Despite Worries of Human Rights Violations

On May 1, 2014 the Sharia Law took effect in Brunei which made it the first country in East Asia to implement the law at the national level.

There will be three phases in implementing the law. The first phase, now operational, covers general offenses such as eating in public during the fasting month of Ramadan, failure to perform Friday prayers, and pregnancy out of wedlock. The second phase includes cutting of limbs for theft, and flogging for violations such as abortion, alcohol consumption, and homosexuality. The death penalty will be applied during the third phase which would involve stoning to death for adultery, and also capital punishment for rape and sodomy.

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Interview with Rachna Saxena

It was truly a pleasure for us when we had received the short story from this author all the way in India. We had found the story, along with her style of writing, to be quite the breath of fresh air. So of course we had to include it within the anthology Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes.

She has also been published in the New Frontier Anthology from Inkception Books. It is an upcoming anthology of short stories about different journeys in life. She had also published within metro columns of national dailies.

Otherwise, onto the interview with this talented writer!
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