My Whispers of Horror: Letters Telling Women’s True Tales from ex-USSR nations

My Whispers of Horror: Letters Telling Women’s True Tales from ex-USSR nations
Series: My Whispers of Horror: Letters telling women’s true tales from ex-USSR nations, Book 0
Genre: Nonfiction
Publisher: Brine Books Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780992033187
This is a collection of true stories from real women in Ukraine and Russia where they account for their experiences in domestic abuse, human trafficking, and many more serious human rights violations that they face. Such as a woman forced into prostitution by police, or a child nearly killed by her father for trying to defend her mother. Help make these voices heard.


  • “If he hits me, then he must love me.”
  • “I am a cow and I am a bull. I am a woman and I am a man.”
  • “If you don’t find an ideal man by your age… it doesn’t mean that you like girls. Don’t worry, you can find a man! You will not be an old maid.”
  • “That was also when these police officers, who were meant to protect the public, became my pimps.”

What can be more deep and personal than reading what a woman wrote of her experiences? Cases such as domestic violence, forced prostitution, rape, and more. You won’t be able to tear your eyes away as you read their quiet whispers of horror, while trying to understand why this still happens in other cultures today. Having these real women explain to the world what happened to them will help to raise awareness on why we still need to fight and stand up for them.

Much of the world is still stuck within sadistic patriarchal standards that oppresses women. And for a woman to survive in such a culture she must have enormous strength to defend her own or her children’s lives from violence and oppression. Read what these brave women wish to confess.

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