Submissions for Publication

Submissions are temporarily closed.

At the moment we are closing submissions on a temporary basis as we work on the upcoming books. We have other projects that we are working on in the meantime which is requiring a good deal of attention, some of which you may notice at some point from the end of the summer to the fall.

We understand that previously we had announced we would conduct awards. That is also on a delay at this moment in time. We will eventually reintroduce the awards down the line, whereas for now we have a lot of projects that we need to focus on completing. Please bear with us.

We will announce when submissions reopen in the future.

Thank you.

For anything that you wish to submit please fill out the form below. Otherwise please read the instructions below before submitting.

We are actively seeking for new poetry, short stories, and true stories for submission for inclusion in our regular anthology of collective works. These submissions must have some inclusion on human rights or social activism issues, but otherwise you can feel free to be as creative as you wish.

So what can we do for you when you publish with us?

  • You can know that you had participated in publications that are meant to try to change the world through literature.
  • We will be sure to market you as an author through giving you credit as an author or poet, author interviews, and mentioning you in our release articles on the anthology that you are published in.
  • The more publications that you are in the easier it is for readers to find you, so being in our anthologies is always good for marketing purposes as an author.
  • You will have a chance at winning our annual contests for best poetry or best short literature of the year. This can further highlight you as an author if you manage to win this prize.
  • You retain all rights to your submission. All that we ask for is rights to include your submission within any of our publications and / or marketing material. Otherwise we have no rights to sell the film, radio, re-distribution, or television rights. You retain all of those rights.
  • We do not charge for editing for any submitted publication. We do very minor editing on poetry as we understand that the layout is important, and sometimes mis-spellings are intentional. For short stories, you retain rights to the edited form as well. For guest blog posts, we do very little editing much like the poetry.

For submitting a short story, poem, or true story for consideration you can fill out the form below. At this time we are not considering novels nor subjects outside of the human rights or social activism fields. We may consider either in the future, but for now the fields specified above are our focus.

For anything that you wish to submit please fill out the form below.

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